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Heart diamond shape

heart diamondThe Heart shape diamond represents the supreme sign of love and eternal romance if mounted as an engagement ring or wedding anniversary band. Its unique shape can best be compared to hybrid Pear diamonds. Since Pear is a combination of Marquise or accurately its sharpened peak, and Oval with its rounded point, Heart will unite these features plus one more: deeply divided lobes. Regarding the fact that the arched end is split into two bows (upper lobes of the Heart shape diamond) this shape should be conspicuous and dominant. The Heart shaped diamond is a brilliant cut that has a passionate glow which requires a perfect shape proportion and thicker stone. Request for equal distribution of weight among the arches and difference among the cleft must be completed in order that the diamonds show the full splendor. Only the skill of an experienced cutter can guarantee flawless and unblemished diamond shapes. Symmetricalness and precision will attain the brilliance, edges shouldn't be peaky especially the split at the top arcs of the Heart, they must be distinctly outlined. Because cut is very complex, important and demanding, and shape is sought solely for sentimental purposes, Heart diamonds are underestimated and extraordinary in the jewelry stores. Cutters decide for Heart shapes if any inclusions or internal blemishes are placed in the area that's supposed to be divided.

The technically correct name for these diamonds is Heart-Shaped Modified Brilliant. The rounded pavilion will provide an attractive brilliance and glitter, but besides the quality of shapes, Heart diamonds are very challenging to cut. Engineering has contributed a lot to the cutting and shaping of the diamond stones. The use of lasers has become popular because of maximum reduced amount of excess material. The request for purchase of romantic Heart diamond shapes will rise before Valentine's Day.

Heart diamonds contain approximately 59 facets, the number grows or falls depending on the pavilion. Proportions are a priority when purchasing a specific diamond shape so it would be best to pick a standard ratio of 0.85 up to 1.20 for the narrow diamond. To select a good color grade means to invest in appearance because unwanted colors of poor grades like yellow or brown will somehow be obvious at the edges. Near colorless scaled fancy diamonds have the optimal ratio of price and quality, while grades starting with K-color are faint yellow, which is manifested at the margins of a diamond. The natural characteristics of a rough diamond stone will specify its future proportions and sparkle. You will select the best depth of a Heart diamond shape according to the availability of the market or available budget.

The Heart shaped diamonds have a complex cut and cutting technique is relatively new on the diamond market which actually does not make the Heart shape widely known and sold. Setting a Heart diamond demands four or five prongs, depending how many hold the arches. Placed on pendants or earrings in most cases, and often on the accent stone, solitaire settings or romantic Heart shaped engagement rings. You can buy them as loose diamonds and a fancy pair of studs in pink for a special anniversary. In any case, Heart will always look amazing if you nicely incorporate it into a special purpose.